What ARe U Doingj

D —> Posting

WithMy Quirkl

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:o) s mighty kind a you Kanaya, preciate th sentiment plenty. 

were for doin sommat right so i ain real tore up about ‘t none. healin were th slow part, part why i weren’t online none much th last month, be me of a sorry for tha. 

an be of a hope th same healin quickness come t you. ain fun t be laid up any. 

My Rainbow Drinker Healing Factor Will Allow For A Swift Recovery

Physically Anyway

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Many apologies for my late reply. This is Elizabeth. She has several outfits and though they are different they share similar color schemes.


And My Apologies For An Even Later Response

Although I Do Not Currently Possess The Dexterity Required To Craft Such An Outfit I Will Certainly Consider It And Alert You Once I Am Prepared To Take On This Endeavor


s okay. seemin we all been see a lil trouble a late. long as you aight now for mosting ‘s bout ‘s good as ‘t gets sometides. 

'm ramblin

but yeah, bout th same. XoD ran inta trouble an a brother’s got holes in he hide for ‘t. is what it do sometimes. 

Holes In Your Hide

That Is Extremely Unfortunate

I Hope You Heal Quickly

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hey hey Kanaya. :o) you ain been around a slick minute, you aight?

I Would Prefer Not To Discuss My Health Right Now

How Are You Though

Hello All

After Some Lengthy Absence I Have At Last Returned

Do Not Jump In To Converse With Me All At Once Now

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You just try to focus on your work, ignoring how small her arms look, or how severe the wounds (the ones you gave her, the ones you consciously inflicted) are.

It only takes a few minutes to pull off the bandages and splints, and you’re quickly dumping all of that in a wastebin.

D —> How does that feel

You try to flex your fingers, but they seem to be stuck in a semi claw-like position.  As with everything else, it’s going to take time and tenderness for them to return to their former nimble state.  Still, you do feel less cumbersome now.

Minutely Better

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You walk slowly, constantly looking over your shoulder to make sure she isn’t having any trouble, isn’t stumbling or faltering.

It’s like a nightmare. The startling normalcy of her walking around the mansion like this is what disturbs you so much.

Once you’re in the shop, you sit her down, retrieve a rotary tool, and flick it onto a low setting.

D —> It will only take a moment to cut through the plaster
D —> Hold still

You sit obediently and wait as the saw cuts through the plaster.  A moment later the plaster is gone and your arms feel much lighter.  Though your brief relief is shattered when once again you realize how much you’ve withered away.  You stare aghast at your emaciated and discolored arms and wish you could skip the next month so you could just be healthy and normal again.

And Now My Fingers

You’re jonesing to flex them again.  Though you’re not even sure that’s possible yet.

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You nod, closing your eyes behind your glasses. Her eyes look so sunken, it’s unnerving to meet her gaze.

D —> They may yet be
D —> After you are done bathing
D —> I will remove the casts

D —> We can then assess the
D —> Progress

I Approve Of That Plan

You finish bathing a little bit after that.  He helps you get dressed and soon you’re following him out of the bathroom and down the hall towards his workshop.  You try to ignore the feeling of cold air on your bare scalp and focus on how happy you’ll be once you can move your hands again.

Once you’ll have the motor skills to slap a wig on again, that is.

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You don’t know what to say to that; the idea that a reputable group wouldn’t make allowances for random happenstance just doesn’t gel with you.

D —> Azazel has been

D —> I have been keeping him busy
D —> He has been spending a significant amount of time with his friends
D —> I was
D —> The one to arrange all that

You lower your voice, as if he’ll hear you despite not being at home.

D —> He does not know of what happened

You sigh deeply and nod.

That Is Probably For The Best
He Does Not Need To Be Concerned With Something This Upsetting

You look up at him and smile weakly.

Thank You For Being So Diligent And Taking Care Of Everyone And Everything

You lay your bandaged and blocky paw on top of his massive hand.

This Is The Part Where I Would Give Your Hand A Squeeze If My Fingers Were Capable Of It

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