You lock your hands around her waist and pull her closer, scooting a little to meet her halfway.

D —> Not at all

It’s been a long time since you’ve done any touching, too.

Oh Equius

You can’t hold back anymore, you reach up and kiss him— passionately and hungrily, without pulling away or apologizing this time.

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You lean in, eyes roving over her—she isn’t anything like her old voluptuousness, but no longer does she look frail, or unhealthy, or tortured by what the Handmaid put her through. 

Your hands travel over her shoulders and down her back, toward her waist.

D —> Gorgeous
D —> Abso100tely

You shiver at his touch— he hasn’t touched you like that in a very long time.  Your cheeks are burning and you’re not sure how to respond, even though you’re very very receptive to whatever is happening now.

You Are Not Just Saying That
For My Sake ?

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my word is all a brother has, kanaya. this scar on my face burns with the wicked noise that i’ve done, but a brother has learned.

I Suppose I Can Respect That

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D —> Yes


You look at her looking at you for a moment, and can’t help but grin.

D —> You’ve an air of
D —> Renewed vigor

You chew your lip, blushing slightly, uncertain whether to ask the question that’s tugging at you now.

Does That Mean
Do You

You take a deep breath and quietly mumble:

Do You Find Me Somewhat Attractive Now

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Sheepishly, you smile.

D —> You
D —> Uh
D —> You 100k it

You’ve practically got anime sparkles in your eyes.

Do You Mean That
I Look Better ?

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well, a brother ain’t gonna be up and sendin such bad vibes your way. that’s all and bein a promise.

I Will Take Your Word For It

For Now

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meddlingfashionista i hope a brother all and doesn’t make a sister wary.

You Have Not Yet Shown Yourself To Be Repulsive Enough For That

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Famous Demons


You keep any funny business to a minimum, which is hard when this is the first time the two of you have done more than hug and kiss in a long while.

When she’s done, you wrap your arms around her in a passionate embrace, holding on tight and hoping you don’t betray just how needy you feel.

You’re actually feeling just as needy so the embrace is welcome, but you similarly don’t want to come off too thirsty.  Well, thirsty in a way that can’t be quenched with a quick bite.  You gaze up at him still slightly out of breath from your feasting and try to find something to say besides ‘All That Sucking Has Me Feeling Funky, You Game?’

The Protein Shake Was
A Very Good Choice
I Certainly Feel More

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As always, you bristle a little at the sting of her fangs. But it’s a good pain and you pull her closer to you as she drinks, and after a moment you press a kiss to her forehead.

As you drink to your fill, your hands wander and squeeze in fits of ecstasy.  Once you are finally sated, you gingerly disengage and pull away, wiping at your mouth with a contented sigh.  You lay back against the couch, basking in the delight of a thoroughly hearty meal.

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