you should enable speech to text
typing like that cant be good for you

There Will B e Just As <Manu Typoggraphical Errors Either Way

I Do Not Trust Speech RTo Tect



It Was Awn Accdent


oh my god what

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kanaya?? is everything okay??

Had A Minor Accdfent With The Garbage Disposal

its Okay Though

I Will Hweal

I Think Th Overwhelming Thouhjt I Keep Ecperiencing While Watching This Is The  Fact That Ive Riocked Both Of These Ladies Hairstyles At One Point Or Another

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Just wait til you hear /mine/

Ive Heard It alreafdu Though

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OhMy ffucking Gid

Theres  A Finger Severig Scemne In This Mobie

I Was Ill ZzPrepared For This’

Watcjing Eartjh Film  ”Bound ” Until I Fall Asleep

Jennifer Tilly Has TheMost Unusual Snd Interesting Voice

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I dunno if this'll kill you or anythin' but here. *chucks a bottle of troll Advil at you* That should help if it starts hurting.

I Have Sn Abundance Of  My OWn Medcine Thanj You Very Much

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